Team up with an experienced group to do deals!

Tom Inman,

Key Principal

New York City, NY

I've built a portfolio of multifamily properties worth $6.5m+. Join this webinar to learn more about how you can be on this deal as a principal

Why Should I Attend?

If your goal is to partner with experienced operators as a principal on a cash flowing deal, you should attend. 

We will cover:

- Being a key principal and why it matters.

- The process of partnering up.

- Deal structure and responsibilities.

- Success from previous deal and track record.

- Expectation and outcome of being a principal.

- Future deals.

Being a multifamily owner has a steep learning curve and many challenges (lack of track record, capital, etc.). By partnering on deals, one can gain a ton of experience. We will discuss more in the webinar.

Some success stories:

Josh Welch,

Managing Principal of Three Pillars Capital Group
Houston, TX

About The Host: Joshua D. Welch

Chris Troutner,
Key Principal

Olney, MD

Why Should I Attend?

Opportunity to Partner Up as a Principal on Multifamily Deals


Wed, May 23rd @ 9:00 PM EST

(8pm CST/6pm PST)