Why Should I Attend?

If your goal is to partner with experienced operators as a principal on a cash flowing deal, you should attend. We will cover:

- Being a key principal and why it matters.

- The process of partnering up.

- The deal.

- Fundraising.

- Success from previous deal and track record.

- Expectation and outcome of being a principal.

- Future deals.

Being a multifamily owner has a steep learning curve and many challenges (lack of track record, capital, etc.). By partnering on 20-50 unit deals like above, one can gain a ton. We will discuss more in the webinar.

I've built a portfolio of rental properties worth $9mm. Join this webinar to learn more about how you can be on this deal as a principal

Some success stories:

Chad Meredith,

Key Principal

Charlotte, NC

Team up with an experienced group to do deals!

Josh Welch,

Managing Principal of Three Pillars Capital Group
Houston, TX


Juan McLemore,
Key Principal

Houston, TX

About The Host: Ari Goldschneider

Opportunity to Partner Up on a 25-unit Deal

Why Should I Attend?


Sat, Jan 27th @ 3:00 PM EST